I’ve Sold Another One of my Supercars.

2-Noy, 2020
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  • Buy a LEXUS LFA Sounds heavenly.....

    Ritosh NayakRitosh Nayak15 soat oldin
  • When you forget James is driving a Ferrari and it’s practically normal by now

    HHL SheepyHHL Sheepy2 kun oldin
  • This is how many speeding tickets hes probably got . . .

    Rubina GillRubina Gill3 kun oldin
  • dude just saying just keep your cars don't sell them like crazy

    aurick balaresaurick balares3 kun oldin
  • The satisfaction level of the refueling part✌️🔥

    ArbinArbin4 kun oldin
  • Your neighbours are probably subs

    Mark SegreeMark Segree5 kun oldin
  • Old School Strad: uzworld.info/player/video/k3vNbc6Lkae5fXg

    Justin ThomasJustin Thomas5 kun oldin
  • Who else thinks stradin hella debt and he’s trying to pay it off ?

    AccusedAccused5 kun oldin
  • This guy sells and buys cars every month

    AmDanishboyAmDanishboy5 kun oldin
  • I love your videos, and I like ur lambo and also where do u live? I want to meet

    Bald Eagle playsBald Eagle plays6 kun oldin
  • your gonna break your camera by ending the video like that by punching the camera

    Catgod GoldCatgod Gold6 kun oldin
  • Why did u sold it bro

    Carl mitch MagatCarl mitch Magat6 kun oldin
  • I bet the everyone in Utah knows of who's that car lol

    TheDoodoo ManTheDoodoo Man6 kun oldin
  • Stop selling your cars

    Hell_ BreakerHell_ Breaker7 kun oldin
  • Ah I hate to see the Ferrari go

    1K Studios1K Studios7 kun oldin
  • No you can wouldent

    Brayan Barrientos29Brayan Barrientos299 kun oldin
  • Why you just selling all of your car?

    Acaz elephantAcaz elephant10 kun oldin
  • Brown cinnamon sugar pop tarts 🤤

    The Key, masterThe Key, master12 kun oldin
  • 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎

    Mani BiswaMani Biswa13 kun oldin
  • Why u be sellin the cars

    Maarten PerkMaarten Perk13 kun oldin
  • Stradman lives at 14109 Light Cahill Cv Bluffdale, UT 84065

    Jake MartinJake Martin15 kun oldin
  • Hey strad where is your orange Lamborghini

    Gaming lollGaming loll16 kun oldin
  • ill cashapp someone 50$ if they guess wha car he’s selling next no cap🧢

    ytdfludytdflud16 kun oldin
  • He owns each and every car in his collection for less than three years all combined😂

    θανασης Κωστοπουλοςθανασης Κωστοπουλος17 kun oldin
  • What about the Liberty walk kit

    Hyp0t1cz_ _101Hyp0t1cz_ _10118 kun oldin
  • Stop selling

    Branh2Branh218 kun oldin
  • Yay Chandler is back!

    Kevin ChengKevin Cheng18 kun oldin
  • nobody is at work or school, its covid-19 for christ's sake

    TericNoahTericNoah18 kun oldin
  • Stradman: goodbye old friend the neighbours: ok, 1 down, 1..2..3.. 486 to go!

    Industrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution18 kun oldin
  • Luckily it’s a work day! I thought everyone was self quarantined...

    FoxplaysHDFoxplaysHD19 kun oldin
  • I got really excited when you bought it I wish you didn’t sell it :/

    Zachary CornielZachary Corniel19 kun oldin
  • Pls don’t buy a Tesla

    GuusGuus20 kun oldin
  • NOOOOOOO not the 458

    GuusGuus20 kun oldin
  • can you buy a la ferrari

    Jane CollinsJane Collins20 kun oldin
  • I agree that is the best poptart flavor

    Thomas A CamelThomas A Camel20 kun oldin
  • Couldn't go to a nicer guy!

    spadgmspadgm20 kun oldin
  • 0:40 when he missed the first swing to close the door

    james nessjames ness21 kun oldin
  • He’s not going 100% of his power he was holding back with the camera on his hands

    MLGgameing MLGMLGgameing MLG21 kun oldin
  • Why i loved that car the the exost whyyyy:(

    jsdietrich1jsdietrich121 kun oldin
  • Hey, I've got a 2012 458 Italia here that I am trying to figure out what it's worth because I have an offer on it right now of $265,000 but I am sure it's much more than that. Where should I start?

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson21 kun oldin
  • Stop selling cars

    10k subs before 2021 with no videos ?10k subs before 2021 with no videos ?21 kun oldin
  • It's like a convention for tools in Utah.

    Richard BellRichard Bell22 kun oldin
  • whyy .. :( :( i loved the 458 its a game changer im a lambo guy so a lil Ferrari is good especially the 458 my favorite but awesome video as always probably try a 488 the upgrade one day?????

    Jayy 4KJayy 4K22 kun oldin
  • Can u give us an update on the r8 I have not seen it in forever

    Isam MahianIsam Mahian22 kun oldin
  • Man idk how you do it! I csnt even get a foxbody mustang much less a car like that!

    rusters1987rusters198723 kun oldin
  • Bro, channel confusing AF now get it together

    Lil WookLil Wook23 kun oldin
  • Bro he gets a super car and 3 days later he Sells it like bruh 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Sidant GamingSidant Gaming23 kun oldin
  • Yessss keeping the red (blue)Ferrari

    Macdonald MathewMacdonald Mathew23 kun oldin
  • YES! That's exactly what i would have done after selling the Ferrari is take a spin in the Aventador! When things bring me down I take a ride in my car while listening to some great tunes. Always picks me up again. Hope other people have the same experiences with their cars. Yes, friends play a good part but, when they're not available my car is a good stand in.

    C TroxC Trox23 kun oldin
  • so nobody will talk about his hand at 0:40?

    Rares BorcuteanRares Borcutean23 kun oldin
  • Tessa sighting @ 6:08. I'm happy you guys are still together. You deserve all the happiness in the world James🥰

    blutonka 22blutonka 2223 kun oldin
  • 8:28 well C8 gets moving before you do and you in Tesla start moving when C8 rear tire is in front of you. Maybe if you would do traffic light race it would be closer race because model 3 performance (AWD) 0-60 time is 3,1 and C8 (RWD) is 2,9 if you get good traction.

    Aleksi SoukkalaAleksi Soukkala23 kun oldin
  • Stradman for president

    Ghost ツGhost ツ23 kun oldin
  • Other than james selling another one of his cars did anyone else realize that he missed the door 0:41 ?

    Mohamed HazemMohamed Hazem23 kun oldin

    Tim mckenzieTim mckenzie24 kun oldin
  • Man I miss the gallardo when is it gonna be done please reply

    『ЯYshtøツ』『ЯYshtøツ』24 kun oldin
  • Strad my guy you just got it tho and we never got to see the wide body on it you bought for it

    Casey F23Casey F2324 kun oldin
  • OMG that exhaust is lit

    Christo BithosChristo Bithos24 kun oldin
  • Well didn’t you just get that Ferrari

    Chason SpitznerChason Spitzner24 kun oldin
  • Day 21 of Trying to get to 1k Subs🤠👑

    Ransom YTRansom YT24 kun oldin
  • Dam bro why would you sell your Ferrari 458 that was the best car you had

    Thomas RiceThomas Rice24 kun oldin
  • He sold the ferrari 💔😞

    Courage OkwuteCourage Okwute24 kun oldin
  • Shut w

    eve Dornaneve Dornan24 kun oldin
  • It’s like he is living in GTA V

    Christopher LaraChristopher Lara24 kun oldin
  • What the f why did sold the Ferrari s bro the Ferrari s are my dream cars man you are selling everything you even sold the avantador

    Malik MuazMalik Muaz24 kun oldin
  • Deffo need to do another super car collection vid Edit: he kinda need it

    mohammed ibrahimmohammed ibrahim24 kun oldin
  • Not the Ferrari

    Don LutzkeDon Lutzke24 kun oldin
  • Why the c8

    Don LutzkeDon Lutzke24 kun oldin
  • I love the new lambo

    Don LutzkeDon Lutzke24 kun oldin
  • 1:12 why did that make me laugh so much😂

    Jack PJack P24 kun oldin
  • It's a ca vs a Tesla

    Don LutzkeDon Lutzke24 kun oldin
  • You should get an audio 8 plz

    Don LutzkeDon Lutzke24 kun oldin
  • Code strand man

    Don LutzkeDon Lutzke24 kun oldin
  • 👍

    Travis HartleyTravis Hartley24 kun oldin
  • You must be paying a ton in sales tax every time you buy a car.

    dphotosdphotos24 kun oldin
  • The Ferrari was my fav and dream car

    Landon MeyerLandon Meyer24 kun oldin
  • I miss the supra:(

    Matthew ElderMatthew Elder24 kun oldin
  • This channel is getting boring, unsubscribed.

    R.A. FreedomR.A. Freedom24 kun oldin
  • What happened to the rolls Royce?

    Steve OttingSteve Otting24 kun oldin
  • Who else noticed that the thumbnail is different.

    Just AaronJust Aaron24 kun oldin
  • Where is the garage with the Bugattis and the centenario?

    Davide YuDavide Yu25 kun oldin
  • Oi james dont sell the 430 :((

    ZarchieOfficialZarchieOfficial25 kun oldin
  • Strad man: I always wanted this car it was one of my dream cars Strad man 1 week later : boys I got to sell it

    Jay ThomasJay Thomas25 kun oldin

    Sten PlayZSten PlayZ25 kun oldin
  • LOL what with Eugene St sign in garage on floor

    Martin Sabol.Martin Sabol.25 kun oldin
  • I want ur challenge car 💯💯

    Life InthefastlaneLife Inthefastlane25 kun oldin
  • The C8 is a bad car! So sick....American speed :)

    Joe KoenigJoe Koenig25 kun oldin

    Matt Daniel CajucomMatt Daniel Cajucom25 kun oldin
  • Why

    Ishmael DiawaraIshmael Diawara25 kun oldin
  • 👍👋👋👋😁

    James WeaverJames Weaver25 kun oldin
  • I’m interested in the f430 but I’m wondering is there anyway to make it street legal( I live in Iowa if that helps)

    Waukee singing HeatWaukee singing Heat25 kun oldin
  • Try the s’more pop tart

    I love DoggosI love Doggos25 kun oldin
  • Why do I hate jdm cars😂💯💯

    Justin trotterJustin trotter25 kun oldin
  • Because you ain’t got no bread 😂

    Bris ABris A25 kun oldin
  • There is a racing Ferrari 458 for sale at Ferrari of Atlanta

    LamboGamer SVJLamboGamer SVJ25 kun oldin
  • The wait is finally over.....👀 Make sure to tune into tomorrow's vid ❄️ 🥶 (Sorry, didn't have enough time to post today!)

    Lucian HopeLucian Hope25 kun oldin
  • Same, Bugatti: Loud As Hell Tesla: *Concrete Cracks Because HP Is Trash 20 HP.

    spy poop manspy poop man25 kun oldin
  • Drop Lambo is murder!! The Strad is a bad mon! (Jamacain dude voice)

    F LykesF Lykes25 kun oldin
  • You sold 458

    Rosanette CooperRosanette Cooper25 kun oldin
  • 1:08 I can never get my life to work says the man with hundreds of supercars and a 2m subscribers youtube channel

    Ben CarpendaleBen Carpendale25 kun oldin