Jeep Gladiator 6x6 Conversion Update Video

9-Okt, 2020
990 962 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • i love the purple carbon fiber so so much its so cool

    chance keenychance keeny10 kun oldin
  • 2 43 that happend to my grampa and left a giant but in his chin he is alright though

    Beam StreamBeam Stream10 kun oldin
  • James: I am not paying this James later: Why is there no V12's in jail?

    JohnDoesTechJohnDoesTech11 kun oldin
  • Can you fly me and my mother and my grandfather and my mum uot to you please

    Jordan Lee KockJordan Lee Kock12 kun oldin
  • He never put the link

    Johnny BoyJohnny Boy14 kun oldin
  • flooded my 6x6

    ThecrazyonesThecrazyones15 kun oldin

    ThecrazyonesThecrazyones15 kun oldin
  • Awesome cars!!!!!

    Joey YTJoey YT15 kun oldin
  • 6x6 should have been done by now

    Scott MastenScott Masten15 kun oldin
  • Me: Dun-Dun-Dun James: Dun-Dun-Dun

    Jaden PHJaden PH16 kun oldin
  • You know the glossy purple look good too

    dokier pokerdokier poker17 kun oldin
  • Hgbaqnkl moon. Off

    Nathan JosephNathan Joseph19 kun oldin
  • where did the Gallardo go

    Orton KidsOrton Kids20 kun oldin
  • Do you play gta 5 is a really fun game

    Joshua BonusJoshua Bonus23 kun oldin
    • and the name is cold it is dis gta 5

      Joshua BonusJoshua Bonus23 kun oldin
    • on x box and ps4

      Joshua BonusJoshua Bonus23 kun oldin
  • I was your 100k sub and I’m back after awhile

    Captain SizzleCaptain Sizzle24 kun oldin
  • 0-0

    Mohamed GamingMohamed Gaming24 kun oldin
  • OSHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    YouAppreciateMeYouAppreciateMe25 kun oldin
  • you need a better compressor

    jose ariasjose arias26 kun oldin
  • That dance tho 😂😂😂

  • I’ve seen one of those disk blow up and it is bad

    Brandon ParksBrandon Parks27 kun oldin
  • This is awesome but your gas mileage is gonna be nonexistent

    American FryAmerican Fry28 kun oldin
  • Strad: I gotta sell the venti Also Strad: This car is always breaking down

    Cohen LindenSmithCohen LindenSmithOy oldin
  • Get the LFA #5

    Djordje MijovicDjordje MijovicOy oldin
  • I need to see that Agility Customs 3rd Gen 4Runner!

    MeechMeechOy oldin
  • I’m kinda confused why he didn’t the thing to the diesel brothers they would have this done by now

    Skygod AdonisSkygod AdonisOy oldin
  • The stang sounds so good tho

    GokuHitEmGokuHitEmOy oldin
  • what kinda dog is oscar

    Julian ChristensenJulian ChristensenOy oldin
    • Samoyed

      bobs and veganabobs and veganaOy oldin
    • Oscar is oscar

      FUN TVFUN TVOy oldin
  • Agility needs to get their A$$ in gear!

    Russ KnightRuss KnightOy oldin
  • It’s paint job makes it a dream car I’m a sad when it gets wrapped

    Sir Sense8Sir Sense8Oy oldin
  • I thought you were getting the 6x6 done at South Florida Jeeps?

    David ButlerDavid ButlerOy oldin
  • This build is taking forever

    Darryl austinDarryl austinOy oldin
  • Nice steering wheel!!!

    ScStance801ScStance801Oy oldin
  • Please do a cannon ball run

    Collegiate ClosetCollegiate ClosetOy oldin
  • Is this guy like a squirrel on crack in real life too or is this an act

    Zach RolandsZach RolandsOy oldin
    • Hes like this off camera too lol

      god bbuyogod bbuyo26 kun oldin
  • Is there really a mrs burlacher?

    Bruhkis GBruhkis GOy oldin
  • Wow, hating on Florida!

    nimson50nimson50Oy oldin
  • First video i have seen and damn you have a fucking shit ton of sexy cars damn

    Egil StagersnesEgil StagersnesOy oldin
  • Get the hummer ev bro

    Aaron MillerAaron MillerOy oldin
  • Does anyone remember when stradman got the gladiator

    Wassupstacy 1Wassupstacy 1Oy oldin
  • Who else has been watching sense 700 thousand

    Wassupstacy 1Wassupstacy 1Oy oldin

    Ruth OsunaRuth OsunaOy oldin
  • Sorry dude I just can’t watch this - near on gives me epilepsy what with all the jump cuts, zoom in zoom out 🤯🤯🤯

    FlawedFlawedOy oldin
  • Now where’s tessa

    KP RacingKP RacingOy oldin
  • Sell the limo to whistlin diesel 🤷‍♀️

    La ConsentidaLa ConsentidaOy oldin
  • I have a Lamborghini to

    Vid 34Vid 34Oy oldin
  • How much is ur whole car collection at an estimate

    dreeamer86dreeamer86Oy oldin
  • If I'm honest, I'm a casual viewer, I found you via @burlachar. Your videos are near perfect volg art in every respect. Thank you. Such great content, artfully shared. Salt Lake City Native. Kudos I wish you life long success and look forward to what you share.

    Josh BJosh BOy oldin
  • Now one would know

    Damir SelimovicDamir SelimovicOy oldin
  • U should live there

    Damir SelimovicDamir SelimovicOy oldin
  • Do not hook up that compressor. it does not have the proper redundant valving you need. Get a California Compressors unit. They are also about 50% quieter than a regular compressor

    Jason WJason WOy oldin
  • The braces tho

    Laura ReyesLaura ReyesOy oldin
  • Why bye to the aventador

  • Respect

    Mo LoodgieterMo LoodgieterOy oldin

    Blake DechentBlake DechentOy oldin

    Blake DechentBlake DechentOy oldin
  • Get well soon James ☹

    KKOy oldin
  • Why are you not posting you are really getting me scared

    Thomas OkupskiThomas OkupskiOy oldin
  • Pov: ur checking if he uploaded a new vud

    FyRyFyRyOy oldin
  • if stradman hasint posted in a while that means something good is coming

    Jake JonesJake JonesOy oldin
    • Well yeah we got an Aventador roadster 🔥

      Yeshu InfinityYeshu Infinity29 kun oldin

    Sergsobe25 Sergsobe25Sergsobe25 Sergsobe25Oy oldin
  • Where is stade man at bro

    Adrian TAdrian TOy oldin
  • You should wrap the aventador white with purple wheels

    Ifaaz HabibIfaaz HabibOy oldin
  • Can you post pls

    Nathan GeeNathan GeeOy oldin
  • you okay strad?

    RJRJOy oldin
  • Upload a video man

    Shashank DayalShashank DayalOy oldin
  • wya

    DavVDavVOy oldin
  • Waiting for Ur new video

    Zeenath P SZeenath P SOy oldin
  • Strad....where have you been? Im getting an itch from the lack of vlogs from you

    iTrollRandyziTrollRandyzOy oldin
  • Pleasse update i cant do it with out youre videos pleassse🙁🙁🙁🙁

    Josef ZennerJosef ZennerOy oldin
  • What happened your not uploading for so long

    Prajwal NidadavoluPrajwal NidadavoluOy oldin
  • Dude you're so cringe!

    Fabian AtencioFabian AtencioOy oldin
  • PLEASE upload video..... i have been waiting for a week Love from india

    Arshdeep SinghArshdeep SinghOy oldin
  • Where are you

    shaik zafirshaik zafirOy oldin
  • James why aren't you uploading?

    Rawnak's vlogRawnak's vlogOy oldin
  • and anyone think that oskar cute

    Jordan CoJordan CoOy oldin
  • is strad okay if hes not i hope he his okay

    Jordan CoJordan CoOy oldin
  • Me:waiting for next vid because I love your vid BTW pls update us

    Zainjan TitoZainjan TitoOy oldin
  • Adventador never gets old Its timeless

    The Official RizzyThe Official RizzyOy oldin
  • what happen to strad man

    SpeedyPlayzSpeedyPlayzOy oldin
  • Buy the 2020 Toyota Land cruiser and wrap it and get white wheels+get new engine like the gladiator and i am telling because it is the best offroader

    TheLimitlessGuyTheLimitlessGuyOy oldin
  • Dude love your cars but you need your own house

    L-JonesL-JonesOy oldin
  • what is the white car in your warehouse I am talking about the white jdm car

    Yuvraj ChaudharyYuvraj ChaudharyOy oldin
    • Yo it ain't a jdm car, it's a Rolls Royce limousine

      Mclaren FanBoyMclaren FanBoyOy oldin
    • The fox body mustang!?!? An American muscle car! It’s burlachers dads car

      Charlie LeimanCharlie LeimanOy oldin
    • Pretty sure your talking about the Rolls Royce limousine, not the Ford Raptor

      Mclaren FanBoyMclaren FanBoyOy oldin
  • Hilarious tidbit of info...I'm 5'11 and threeeee darn quarters ! Ha, that's fun

    Sean LangenbergSean LangenbergOy oldin
  • Anybody is waiting for the next vid

    its plasmaplayzits plasmaplayzOy oldin
  • me is borreed

    Aditya SundarAditya SundarOy oldin
  • bruh pls post anotheer vidd pls

    Aditya SundarAditya SundarOy oldin
  • (يا أيها الذين آمنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما)

    منوعات M.O.Aمنوعات M.O.AOy oldin
  • Hey Stradman I got made respect for you, But I always wondered why U didn't widebody the Aventador and Gallardo

    Blakie BoyBlakie BoyOy oldin
    • Yeah

      Jarelle Cloyd CaballeroJarelle Cloyd CaballeroOy oldin
  • There will be no post guys i think james died in a car crash rip james idk when he was born but idk-2020 rip

    Destined Gecko34Destined Gecko34Oy oldin
  • burlacher how is stradman?

    Saba Abdul RahmanSaba Abdul RahmanOy oldin
  • Yo what happened James, you haven't uploaded in 8 days now... I'm worried about you...

    nimi30nimi30Oy oldin
  • ayo what happened to him. He hasn't posted in a week

    Susp3ct 9642Susp3ct 9642Oy oldin
    • Check his IG. He’s been off roading in Colorado with Burlacher.

      PrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPrettyPrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPrettyOy oldin
  • When you will post new vedio

    Yash TyagiYash TyagiOy oldin
  • I think he died

    Fabios dracoFabios dracoOy oldin
    • lmao

      Gerrard X 21 gamingGerrard X 21 gamingOy oldin
  • I just want to say thank you for always having positive uplifting Vlogs. They have helped me though so much from becoming homeless a month ago with my family to loosing a sibling. Whenever I’m down and have access to a internet I always watch your videos. They make me remember one day it will get better and we just have to keep looking at the positive. It has saved me from totally giving up. Thank you for making me see the good. Thank you🙏🏼

    Tommy WallaceTommy WallaceOy oldin
  • Stradman are you okay dude your fans want to know???? Comment back pls

    Edgar BernalEdgar BernalOy oldin
    • Check his IG. He’s been off roading with Burclacher.

      PrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPrettyPrematureEjaculationMakesGirlsFeelPrettyOy oldin
  • Every Person Who Watches TheStradMan are the nicest people you can meet change my mind.

    GamezTryMeGamezTryMeOy oldin
  • Post a vid of ur off-road adventures pls

    Jack FoleyJack FoleyOy oldin
  • Why gone so long

    Melody lalhruaitluangi KhawlhringMelody lalhruaitluangi KhawlhringOy oldin
    • Look at his instagram

      Jack FoleyJack FoleyOy oldin
  • When is your new video coming out???????

    Stephen CrownStephen CrownOy oldin
    • Look at his instagram

      Jack FoleyJack FoleyOy oldin