Meet my Girlfriend.

23-Apr, 2020
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  • She looks like she’s 17 wtf

    PP LORDPP LORD22 soat oldin
  • Nice

    Emmanuel FosterEmmanuel FosterKun oldin
  • He living a dream I A dream I would be like to live this cars tho

    Faze margraal TwitchFaze margraal Twitch2 kun oldin
  • Como carajos tiene novia y le sigue alcanzando para un Bugatti ?? jajajajajaja

    Nacho SotomayorNacho Sotomayor4 kun oldin
  • Bro Lev her to talk... I noticed u only talking continuously... If she tried to speak u cut her speech.... If u doing like this continuously ur relationship ll break Up.... We r all a family... So only am saying as a family member....

    Tamil GrazersTamil Grazers5 kun oldin
  • When he said tessa still young he loki sounds like a pervert

    Tanner LiptonTanner Lipton6 kun oldin
  • Tessa kinda sus not gonna lie

    AbdullahAbdullah6 kun oldin
  • You my inspiration Dude!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    A XA X6 kun oldin
  • Me and my brother like your cars

    Cole WebberCole Webber7 kun oldin
  • Your the best

    Cole WebberCole Webber7 kun oldin
  • And where is she now? Lol

    Racing FoxRacing Fox8 kun oldin
  • Your welcome Stradman😎low-key smooooooth

    Mr CryzalMr Cryzal11 kun oldin
  • haha

    Sachin MathuraSachin Mathura12 kun oldin
  • She better not break my boys heart

    shahnawaz khanshahnawaz khan12 kun oldin
  • i like this car but where is the girlfriend tho (i mean the girlfriend is the car lma0)

    LL13 kun oldin
  • nice girlfriends, but who is that lady in the video shes destroying your quality time with your cars

    Soybean BeansonSoybean Beanson13 kun oldin
  • hey no offence but you kind of reminded me of proteus from penny dreadful

    TYGA909TYGA90915 kun oldin
  • 3.00 just driving 200 mph don’t mind me

    MineMasterAjay GamingMineMasterAjay Gaming17 kun oldin
  • Are u guys still dating

    Austin RickmanAustin Rickman17 kun oldin
  • Tessa is kinda bad

    Cole MartinCole Martin17 kun oldin

    SAVINA SookramSAVINA Sookram17 kun oldin
  • Finally, a human that can match my energy

    Isaac DonauerIsaac Donauer18 kun oldin
  • Car: haha I'm loud fff off Me: ... What did he say

    The diamonds SECURITYThe diamonds SECURITY18 kun oldin
  • hi hi hi hi hi hi james and tessa and dont ask questions maths

  • Lamborghini aventador

    Sridevi ThokalaSridevi Thokala20 kun oldin
  • What's that Kanye West song from back in the day?

    mike burnsmike burns20 kun oldin
  • 0:54 That sounds right... Not weird at all... Doesn't it... hahahaha

    Jack PûrtellJack Pûrtell20 kun oldin
  • Next video: upgrading my girlfriend

    RD the youtuberRD the youtuber21 kun oldin
  • Nobody cares if you get cool cars

    Cujjy BrownCujjy Brown21 kun oldin
    • Cujjy brown you should go watch mo vlogs

      Mohamed ChicktayMohamed Chicktay21 kun oldin
    • @Knifeman 20 someone sounds jelly

      Mohamed ChicktayMohamed Chicktay21 kun oldin
    • @Knifeman 20 me too

      Mohamed ChicktayMohamed Chicktay21 kun oldin
    • I do 🙋‍♂️

      Knifeman 20Knifeman 2021 kun oldin
  • Holding a phone and wearing headphones... So stupid.

    Christopher NewmanChristopher Newman21 kun oldin
  • "tour of my room heres a wide body kit for my girlfriend"

    bored personbored person23 kun oldin
  • It was to embarrassing to watch her do doughnut in the c8 covvet

    cameron Hoskinscameron Hoskins23 kun oldin
  • Ok

    SBC_simplifiedSBC_simplified24 kun oldin
  • Simp strad lol jk I love ur vids

    BlaceBlace24 kun oldin
  • Buy him a car.

    John Nigel SabalburoJohn Nigel Sabalburo25 kun oldin
  • @4:06 He's simping hard

    Akshith KondaAkshith Konda28 kun oldin
  • Potatoes are a starch not a veggie

    Ari WidmannAri Widmann28 kun oldin
  • 3:31

    Lee LorLee Lor28 kun oldin
  • Glad for you mate.

    Eddie MichaelEddie Michael29 kun oldin
  • Haha rapping my girl friend purple

    Koucha StreetKoucha StreetOy oldin

  • you broke up with her right ? cuz she's not in your videos anymore

    The AD EmpireThe AD EmpireOy oldin
    • @CDE that’s not really that big bro, but keep hating on him for his relationship choices because you can’t get a girl half as good as her. 😉

      Knifeman 20Knifeman 2021 kun oldin
    • @CDE exactly

      The AD EmpireThe AD EmpireOy oldin
    • @The AD Empire I agree there huge age difference she is 24 and hes 31

      CDECDEOy oldin
    • @gijs Burgering yeah i saw the video , he got a text from her hi , James . but i think she's only with him bcz of the fact that he's famous

      The AD EmpireThe AD EmpireOy oldin
    • No last vid he said they still date

      gijs Burgeringgijs BurgeringOy oldin
  • So he finally got his stradgirl

    FreeTheInsanityFreeTheInsanityOy oldin
  • I literally thought her name is Tesla

    JDBYTSTAR _2006JDBYTSTAR _2006Oy oldin
  • Strad- any girl that can do donuts like that and digs the cars like she does is a keeper. You’re lucky welcome Tessa!!

    Mr USA Muscle CarMr USA Muscle CarOy oldin
  • I thought u sold the c8

    • I believe this is an older video, if you’re serious.

      UnkrypticUnkrypticOy oldin
  • It’s a 25 hour drive from Utah to Mexico so... moving on

    Jxnc3Jxnc3Oy oldin
  • Missing this loud Ferrari 😌

    260 Laltanpuia260 LaltanpuiaOy oldin
  • I’ve watched this vid before but what has happened to teaser

    Harry SmithHarry SmithOy oldin
    • Mmmm. Good point. I wouldn’t have notice since I rarely be on ig.

      UnkrypticUnkrypticOy oldin
    • @Unkryptic Ik she has a job but it’s how she’s not been on his instergram aswell and she was normaly

      Harry SmithHarry SmithOy oldin
    • Welp “Teaser” has a job, although they are still together, she gettin paper on the side.

      UnkrypticUnkrypticOy oldin
  • X

    Joseph ZambranoJoseph ZambranoOy oldin
  • are they still together tho...

    I dont know a good nameI dont know a good nameOy oldin
    • @JedStrogan no there are still together

      sai suriyasai suriyaOy oldin
    • @sai suriya dont spread fake rumors, they are not together they broke up because she didn't like the constant attention and harassments from random strangers

      JedStroganJedStroganOy oldin
    • No problem 👍

      sai suriyasai suriyaOy oldin
    • @sai suriya ah i see, thank you for the info.

      I dont know a good nameI dont know a good nameOy oldin
    • Yes they are Tessa is working full time that is why she is not in the vlog

      sai suriyasai suriyaOy oldin
  • I like your aventeder

    marta hernandezmarta hernandezOy oldin
  • Q’”&4”f?fr V

    DeShawn DavisDeShawn DavisOy oldin
  • Hi

    Mf KicksMf KicksOy oldin
  • Very pretty - James is a super nice guy, I'm happy for him

    Sarah WilliamsSarah WilliamsOy oldin
  • anything stradman likes, its gonna be purple

    noah palazuelosnoah palazuelosOy oldin
  • Shes so beautiful i think i think i i have a crush on her joke but i have a crush on her hehehe

    Ram Andrei RegalaRam Andrei RegalaOy oldin
  • Oh first time to see your gf

    Ram Andrei RegalaRam Andrei RegalaOy oldin

    ickythumptahoe ickythumptahoeickythumptahoe ickythumptahoeOy oldin
  • Bro Strad looks so damn young, good work king u gotta marry her now

    leany geraldleany geraldOy oldin
  • Good for you which i had one

    Eduardo RubioEduardo RubioOy oldin
  • I love your youtube videos

    Kristin MaloofKristin MaloofOy oldin
  • He starts selling cars right as he gets a girlfriend 🤔

    The Truck masterThe Truck masterOy oldin
    • What’s your point?

      UnkrypticUnkrypticOy oldin
  • Yo lets wrap Tessa purple and white

    Jiggy JosyJiggy JosyOy oldin
  • 8 bitryan

    ale mehmediale mehmediOy oldin
  • Is that a supra

    Eli gamingEli gamingOy oldin
  • Found On Road Destroyed

    aviation manaviation manOy oldin
  • "All the relation non-sense was good.....but full send"!!!! Shows his true love for cars!

    Rohan SRohan SOy oldin
  • Stradgirl

    jesse morrejesse morreOy oldin
  • How old is she?😊

    Dannesse UrsabiaDannesse UrsabiaOy oldin
    • 24!??!?!!! SHIT TF HE DOING DATING SOMEONE 5 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HIM?!?!! Or maybe that girl a...

      UnkrypticUnkrypticOy oldin
    • Oh she’s

      UnkrypticUnkrypticOy oldin
  • You’re the best .you have so many supercars.

    Shea CortShea CortOy oldin
  • Title: meet my girlfriend Thumbnail: *points at nick’s mustang*

    Tiger HeTiger HeOy oldin
  • Stradgils

    jesse morrejesse morreOy oldin
  • Your girlfriend is so sweet Goodluck!

    hidden eyehidden eyeOy oldin
  • Most importantly how much lambos does she have

    That_one_skater_kidThat_one_skater_kidOy oldin
  • Burning rubber for Buying rubber utter madness 😂

    hidden eyehidden eyeOy oldin
  • I can break the heart of the engine with ACCELERATION💔😲 it sounds AMAZING💓

    hidden eyehidden eyeOy oldin
  • guu

  • Do u mean your cars girlfriend

    Blink BTWBlink BTWOy oldin
  • Is your girlfriend gold digger?

    QWER TYQWER TYOy oldin
  • best thing about this car it aint street legal XD

    • yes im talking about the ferrari f430 challenge

    • id still drive it on the street

  • Buy tesa a tesla

    Taha GamingTaha GamingOy oldin
  • Kiss tessa in a vlog

    Ashar LodiAshar LodiOy oldin
  • What a happened man lol

    Mr.sharkboy21Mr.sharkboy212 oy oldin
  • "a masculine mermaid"

    urslimejj420urslimejj4202 oy oldin
  • This dude talks too much. And he’s a bad driver. Learn to hold the steering wheel.

    peter peterssonpeter petersson2 oy oldin
  • I thought this man said meeting my girlfriend lmao

    SBworksSBworks2 oy oldin
  • Whistlindiesel said “stradWoman be like take a crowbar to it” so I searched stradWoman and this video popped up lol

    Chris, Chief CopeChris, Chief Cope2 oy oldin
  • No

    Anonymous Plays RobloxAnonymous Plays Roblox2 oy oldin
  • whoa whoa his corvette is convertible? cool!

    Ismail SiddiquiIsmail Siddiqui2 oy oldin
  • Simp

    Arthurt0ad2Arthurt0ad22 oy oldin
  • For all the haters who passed Bad comments regarding this video. Screw you !!!! You are so envious that you show it in what you typed 😁 just remember you will always be envious for the rest of your life and you will always be watching others have what what you pray for.

    Jaimie SigamoneyJaimie Sigamoney2 oy oldin
  • You better god dam simp

    I'm_ tired _I'm_ tired _2 oy oldin
  • Tesa brooks

    The Skid Gang officialThe Skid Gang official2 oy oldin
  • Next video: adding a fi exhaust or straight pipe my girlfriend

    Leo SorianoLeo Soriano2 oy oldin
  • The Bugatti is the king

    NewIpadpr0 is me OkNewIpadpr0 is me Ok2 oy oldin
  • 3:28 **Overtakes it** 👁️👄👁️

    Lord GrimLord Grim2 oy oldin
  • Where is Tessa. Can we just get updates on her?

    Blake GloverBlake Glover2 oy oldin
  • I hope you’re not serious that she’s your gf. She’s like 17 and you’re 33

    dr right wingdr right wing2 oy oldin
    • @dr right wing go to her insta tessa peay

      Armando MoralesArmando Morales2 oy oldin
    • Haha, no she’s not. Not even close

      dr right wingdr right wing2 oy oldin
    • She's 26

      Armando MoralesArmando Morales2 oy oldin
  • The Bugatti

    Alif ZamanAlif Zaman2 oy oldin
    • Umm bro this video is 4 months old

      Colorado Car GuyColorado Car Guy2 oy oldin