My Message to the Kid who Vandalized my Lamborghini Aventador

23-Fev, 2020
2 565 443 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Viper go brrrrrrrrrrr

    Vary White AussieVary White AussieKun oldin
  • Re rap it

    Theresa WoodyTheresa Woody2 kun oldin
  • God. Hate to see if he ever drank coffee? My god. P,us. Not going after that KID SENDS A MESSAGE. That it’s ok to take pictures and post it like a idiot. Trust me. You stand on my car. My 57 Chevy or my 67 Camaro. I will be the worst thing you ever want to see.

    Mark TRUMP2020Mark TRUMP20203 kun oldin
  • Dang bro, I hope he lives in a good neighborhood or he is asking to be robbed lol

    I wants raid PlzI wants raid Plz6 kun oldin
  • I’ve been in a Ford viper

    Crawfish GameingCrawfish Gameing7 kun oldin
  • 0:19 Ouch! That hurt Stradman!

    The Creative SideThe Creative Side7 kun oldin
  • That kid who vandalised your lambo, you need to know not all rich people are jerks I know this as I can see the way some people give looks at my dad he drives a merc and they think he is just some rich brat. They work hard to get there you know

    Arnav GmArnav Gm8 kun oldin
  • You look like a crybaby white school kid.

    Awts GegeAwts Gege8 kun oldin
  • “Just couldnt help myself” :|

    The cat snail thingThe cat snail thing8 kun oldin
  • The viper doesn't get any respect poor viper

    Ryan SteveyRyan Stevey8 kun oldin
  • Is this guy on coke all day long or something? I mean I'm not judging I'd be too

    DaveSeeMeRollinDaveSeeMeRollin8 kun oldin
  • Rea rap it

    Z7X HutchyZ7X Hutchy9 kun oldin
  • f

    A SealA Seal9 kun oldin
  • Can i have one car?

    TannbørsteTannbørste10 kun oldin
  • Does he sell all those cars or does he own them.. dang boi u rich

    AaravYTAaravYT11 kun oldin
  • The drone is faster then the Lamborghini

    Sayed the gamerSayed the gamer11 kun oldin
  • Rerap it

    Stella Klariz LiebsackStella Klariz Liebsack12 kun oldin
  • Why did he have to stand on it tho

    OP MASTEROP MASTER12 kun oldin
  • What’s the point of the carbon fiber if you wrap over it?

    Hayden FerryHayden Ferry13 kun oldin
  • Is the guy who stood on it in the comments

    proud to live in the usaproud to live in the usa14 kun oldin
  • he is looking at his arm like there is a watch in his hand

    Ryan HoRyan Ho14 kun oldin
  • For sure re-wrap it

    VaMe_ReplaysVaMe_Replays14 kun oldin
  • Exactly...

    David EmmertDavid Emmert14 kun oldin
  • If someone did that to my car I wouldn't give a sht about if it is just a possession because it's mine and that person damaged it!

    JerrysoneJerrysone14 kun oldin
  • Rewrap

    David FredericksDavid Fredericks14 kun oldin
  • I always think why americans dont have a fence ?

    LL14 kun oldin
  • It’s just a car Aventadoor Wtf do u think I am

    Parm RaiParm Rai15 kun oldin
  • TheStardman : Its very very late ( see's in his hand * no watch ) Also STARDMAN : Its very very late with no wach in his hand ( lol ) no offence also dude im big fan of yourss :)

    Aaditya ShresthaAaditya Shrestha15 kun oldin
  • 4:51 me when someone hits me in the back

    Jackseptic1232Jackseptic123215 kun oldin
  • i just wanna punch that guy who stood on the car

    seriously_ gamezseriously_ gamez15 kun oldin
  • What

    Fong's ReviewFong's Review15 kun oldin
  • James has so good transitions in his videos it's amazing how his editor did it.

    FronTierzFronTierz16 kun oldin
  • how about you unrap tre whole lambo and make it carbon fuber

    Aaron PayneAaron Payne16 kun oldin
  • Re wrap it

    Zane CarlsonZane Carlson16 kun oldin
  • leav it exsposed

    Solarz FamilySolarz Family17 kun oldin
  • Stradman i am from the FUTURE, all i will say is that you never wrapped the hood and your future 458 spider was also vandalized

    BeatzCyberBeatzCyber17 kun oldin
    • Its alright

      BeatzCyberBeatzCyber17 kun oldin
    • I Don't think this comment makes any sense

      László BalázsLászló Balázs17 kun oldin
  • can u tell me all the cars that you have out of curiosity?

    wooflewoofle17 kun oldin
  • hes so funny at 7:27

    Mobbasher NooriMobbasher Noori18 kun oldin
  • mans said its just a car its like 300k

    Alexzz broAlexzz bro19 kun oldin
  • Disrespecting someone else's property is not cool. The people who do that are complete retards, and disrespectful bunch of ***holes. Respect property, or be forced to respect it.

    Nezuko ChanNezuko Chan20 kun oldin
  • 4:50 😂😁

    xd bigburgerxd bigburger20 kun oldin
  • youtube pays less than 5k dollars on 1million views , so more than 800 videos on his channel means a lot money for insurance 🙄🤔

    Vishu NaiduVishu Naidu20 kun oldin
  • I swear im gonna put a Turbocharger and a camo warp on my RS7

    Kenneth 「ケネス」Kenneth 「ケネス」21 kun oldin
  • Stradman:You’re fine stop complaining me: as if you didn’t freak out

    Oliver 124Oliver 12421 kun oldin
  • Like he said, not bout the car but about respecting another person's belongings.

    Jake peraltaJake peralta21 kun oldin
  • 4:03 Nice watch

    UltraGamez360zUltraGamez360z22 kun oldin
  • I don’t care what value a car is don’t stand or touch a god damn car that isn’t yours without permission

    Master ProductionsMaster Productions22 kun oldin
  • Camo looks better

    Jonah WordJonah Word24 kun oldin
  • If someone stood on my car, they wouldn't be standing for much longer. Respect people's property, or expect to be forced to respect it.

    Whitman AshbyWhitman Ashby24 kun oldin
  • I’m buying a Rolls-Royce

    Marco SimeoneMarco Simeone25 kun oldin
  • Ouch when you thru the box

    gamimg and cubing with mahabubgamimg and cubing with mahabub25 kun oldin
  • But the car looked better in that rap

    Furious FaidhFurious Faidh25 kun oldin
  • dude the car look s good with carbon fiber hoood and the black wheels

    Mohammed Affan Ali 29Mohammed Affan Ali 2926 kun oldin
  • stupid kids

    Daniel Ramos Basana PasaribuDaniel Ramos Basana Pasaribu26 kun oldin
  • You should get a hurcan

    nancy knutsennancy knutsen27 kun oldin
  • you are the best youtuber

    antmad32antmad3228 kun oldin
  • 12:30 as he drives into a garage then a italian car reveals itself.

    iEvalidiEvalid29 kun oldin
  • i wouldve sued that kid to hell

    xanbitionxanbitionOy oldin
  • whares your buggati veyron

    David's World of FunDavid's World of FunOy oldin
  • The box delivered in ur house is a bomb

    Parado, Aldrin Paul S.Parado, Aldrin Paul S.Oy oldin
  • Well, THAT kid sure learned his lesson as well as all those other "no clue" low IQ adolescents.

    Chris KChris KOy oldin
  • He SHOULD sue the entitled jerk AND his parents! Nice wonderful kid, well raised by his parents! They ALL should be so proud!

    Chris KChris KOy oldin
  • That kid is trying to find a girlfriend by taking a picture with TheStradman car

    Jolteon KawaiiJolteon KawaiiOy oldin
  • Rewrap the hood because it look very good

    Bryan PaceBryan PaceOy oldin
  • Re rap

    Lightning StrikesLightning StrikesOy oldin
  • disresptful to damage a lamborghini aventador like that whoever did so tag me on youtube

    Aiden ChildersAiden ChildersOy oldin
  • sorry stradman i axedentaly disliked

    Basem RadwanBasem RadwanOy oldin
  • Leave Exposed

    The Lost VloggerThe Lost VloggerOy oldin
  • imagine not taking responsibility when u destroy or damage something

    Maia KanoaMaia KanoaOy oldin
  • strad man: "i can't drive this car" me: "you own a bugatti"

    Ducky FNDucky FNOy oldin
    • This was before the Bugatti

      Owlmanxzf YTOwlmanxzf YT24 kun oldin
  • How do you put the wrap back on do you buy another one?

    Riley CRiley COy oldin
  • Now that you have a Bugatti careful

    Kedar NairKedar NairOy oldin
  • Someone post his IG

    Nero_AbarthNero_AbarthOy oldin
  • That kid probably got the virus and dosent have a good life

    Kaiser valeraKaiser valeraOy oldin
  • Why are you hesitating, he should pay for the damages, it doesn’t matter if it’s “just a car” he should learn a lesson for damaging another person’s property

    Cyber laCyber laOy oldin
  • damn stradman talk about respect bro most people wouldnt be as humble as you if someone even stood on eventheir 10,000 dollar car you a real one man

    logicxhardcorexlogicxhardcorexOy oldin
  • I like how in every video where he has to meet someone or go somewhere at a certain time he is late

    FlikPeacefulFlikPeacefulOy oldin
  • I will puck that guy that standing in your car

    Jourge RichieeJourge Richiee2 oy oldin
  • Re do it

    ejpm gamingejpm gaming2 oy oldin
  • I wouldn’t care if anyone stood on my car as long as it wasn’t majorly damaged ;-;

    Fabian9024Fabian90242 oy oldin
  • who would do that to a lambo thats 300k

    boba the good dogboba the good dog2 oy oldin
  • 3:55 well said

    blazerelfblazerelf2 oy oldin
  • So many cars aaaaaaaaaaaa

    mert ozdincmert ozdinc2 oy oldin
  • I think you said we were

    Ljube MitreskiLjube Mitreski2 oy oldin
  • Stand man looks like paul walker

    Ronnett InitanRonnett Initan2 oy oldin
  • If that guy stood on my car and took a picture. He wouldn't be walking anymore. ^ this is actually no joke. He would get seriously hurt.

    Craig JamesCraig James2 oy oldin
  • i love vipers

    Akif YahiaAkif Yahia2 oy oldin
  • He asked the kid to do it for him. It was for publicity

    Adam ChreeneAdam Chreene2 oy oldin
    • @Tomas Abeyta I honestly don't remember how I found the kids instagram. I think I Google it.

      Adam ChreeneAdam ChreeneOy oldin
    • @Tomas Abeyta I don't know and I guess you'll just have to have a little trust buddy

      Adam ChreeneAdam ChreeneOy oldin
    • @Adam Chreene Yes, but how do you know he didn’t just say that to make him seem like a better person? And how do I know you actually talked to him?

      Tomas AbeytaTomas AbeytaOy oldin
    • @Tomas Abeyta I asked the kid that's what he claimed. And seems accurate he's a UZworldr that wants views

      Adam ChreeneAdam ChreeneOy oldin
    • Proof?

      Tomas AbeytaTomas AbeytaOy oldin
  • rewrap definitely rewrap

    Bradyn UrferBradyn Urfer2 oy oldin
  • looks at his wrist wid no watch

    mkaih0 kaih0mkaih0 kaih02 oy oldin
  • Just wait until some prick does this to his veyron...

    Matthew BaileyMatthew Bailey2 oy oldin
  • 4:50 Me when I stay up at 3 am and my dad comes in the room

    Cwack GamingCwack Gaming2 oy oldin
  • the only one kid who vandalized your car and cars it's you, you have a bad bad taste, the only talent is to say lies and vandalize luxury cars

    Mirco SonnatiMirco Sonnati2 oy oldin
  • Lamborghini Aventador

    Sheila MaggardSheila Maggard2 oy oldin
  • Little did he know he now has a Bugatti

    Luke DiCIccoLuke DiCIcco2 oy oldin
  • Your not making him pay for the wrap because you don’t want to have the conversation? There’s no conversation needed the only thing to tell him would be your PayPal🤷🏽‍♂️

    Gustavo FariasGustavo Farias2 oy oldin
  • That's a big wang mate

    Gonk DroidGonk Droid2 oy oldin
  • all i care about is that mustang.

    JAmes CameronJAmes Cameron2 oy oldin
  • anyone else notice how he only uses black emojis...

    Kevin LakrimKevin Lakrim2 oy oldin
  • Wow. Respect to James for knowing exactly how his panels were aligned.

    Ethan ParkEthan Park2 oy oldin