My New Supercar Headquarters!

7-Sen, 2020
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We just received the final shipment of the purple Strad hats! Get 'em before they are gone!
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  • What should you do with the space? Merch! You can use the rooms for warehousing, shipping and receiving. A full merch operation of a youtuber with a couple million subscribers would just need to hire a warehouse manager and a part time packer and you could increase your income flow 10x. My suggestion would be to do some cut and sew items instead of just screen printed t shirt.

    Dan BrocklehurstDan Brocklehurst15 soat oldin
  • U just killin it good for you man! 1st saw you with the gallardo and now look at you - Congrats man you killin life!

    Evan MillerEvan Miller4 kun oldin
  • You should turn one in to an office for editing videos

    addie carsonaddie carson5 kun oldin
  • Do a Bugatti

    handican robloxhandican roblox9 kun oldin
  • Day 100 of trying to get Strad to name his bugatti “STRAGATTI” (credit to Saul C)

    Winston LauWinston Lau11 kun oldin
  • put your cars in the room

    RexRex12 kun oldin
  • Werehouse party?

    Ains 2Ains 212 kun oldin
  • I love your videos I always wanted to see do but I don't live in utow

    Ajbreebear BrownAjbreebear Brown13 kun oldin
  • Straaad

    Dalton t BahrDalton t Bahr15 kun oldin
  • You should use it for a merch room

    best of nerfbest of nerf15 kun oldin
  • Hey that is a good hidding spot 2:28

    maxx1991maxx199115 kun oldin
  • “ I spent all my money on a bugatti“ 2 months later buys a 240.000$ Lamborghini aventador

    Nicolas GreenfieldNicolas Greenfield17 kun oldin
  • God damn it must be tiring putting on that much energy and being that happy for the camera. Stradman, tone it down bro. lol

    Dan MulliganDan Mulligan17 kun oldin
  • Fill the limo with packing p nuts and stay 24 ours in it

    Dirtbike Kid20Dirtbike Kid2019 kun oldin
  • start a rental car business

    FrostyyFrostyy19 kun oldin
  • Why do you own a million dollar car but living in someone else’s house, sounds like your priorities are fucked up

    Only1DoobieOnly1Doobie19 kun oldin
  • I’ll buy the limo And the package peanuts But I’m 10 sorry

  • Stradbam

    Thijmen DijkwelThijmen Dijkwel22 kun oldin
  • Gaming room

    Antonio BonfanteAntonio Bonfante22 kun oldin
  • Turn one room in a arcade🎮🎰🕹

    Thijmen DijkwelThijmen Dijkwel22 kun oldin
  • Hey. Stardman what. About buying a paginy

    Pradeep KrishnakumarPradeep Krishnakumar23 kun oldin
  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dani CapDani Cap23 kun oldin
  • The veyron should be called stradspeed

    CTE2028 Gaming And MoreCTE2028 Gaming And More24 kun oldin
  • Use the rooms for shrines for each of your cars

    CTE2028 Gaming And MoreCTE2028 Gaming And More24 kun oldin
  • Strad and Bugatti

    Darrian RudyDarrian Rudy24 kun oldin
  • Stadautti

    Darrian RudyDarrian Rudy24 kun oldin
  • Just use the offices for part storage

    KontrolGeekKontrolGeek25 kun oldin
  • could’ve just got octane booster

    MayoOfficialMayoOfficial26 kun oldin
  • Game room Plz

    jake friesenjake friesen26 kun oldin
  • Stradpack

    Dboy gaming and otherDboy gaming and other26 kun oldin
  • Damn I always wanted to know where to get your backpack and they are gone 😭! Definitely need one bro!

    DB FishingDB Fishing27 kun oldin
  • Rent the top 2 out and turn the bottom one into your office to make vids and editing vids

    DB FishingDB Fishing27 kun oldin
  • Rent the rooms to earn some bucks

    Jamie Binns-RodgersJamie Binns-Rodgers27 kun oldin
  • Make a editing office for your youtube videos

    Emory GamingEmory Gaming27 kun oldin
  • 8:15 Grove Street

    Mohammad HuzaifaMohammad Huzaifa27 kun oldin
  • Can you not buy octane booster in a bottle at auto shops in the US ?

    Mick OBrienMick OBrien28 kun oldin
  • Good boy

    Fred HardmanFred Hardman28 kun oldin
  • Number plate on the Bugatti should be rip Tesla

    The LegendRehThe LegendReh29 kun oldin
  • You can use those rooms to make gameplay videos or start a gaming channel

    Mukthar GamingMukthar Gaming29 kun oldin
  • Come someone tell me what strad does? I need to know

    ResherResherOy oldin
  • Strad man should be ur plate number

    Hussain OfficialHussain OfficialOy oldin
  • Nice vid

    Ovoidii OvoidOvoidii OvoidOy oldin
  • Do stradster

    jayhawkrrrjayhawkrrrOy oldin
  • How about the name of you dog

    Ferd DanaoFerd DanaoOy oldin
  • Will someone just do the man a favor and buy the limo

    BJ_Mac34BJ_Mac34Oy oldin
  • What is your number

    Hal HartleyHal HartleyOy oldin
  • Your community is so caring and nice I respect that

    Mans36ty_2019Mans36ty_2019Oy oldin
  • you should spend 24 hours in the headquarters

    Teri DarleyTeri DarleyOy oldin
  • How did he get the money to buy all this

    Joshua PheasantJoshua PheasantOy oldin
  • I think the plate for the Bugatti should be STR4D0N

    Chaku SpikeyChaku SpikeyOy oldin
  • Do the the same as the gallordo

    Snoopy The beagleSnoopy The beagleOy oldin
  • riptesla Licensplate

    Linus BehrendtLinus BehrendtOy oldin
  • D D $ D

    Jonas TavJonas TavOy oldin
  • On drugs?

    Lukas NusLukas NusOy oldin
  • Here in Nürberg we have 102octane so that would be not a 15 % decrease but an increase instead 💪🏼

    EvilTurkeyEvilTurkeyOy oldin
  • you need to get the ssc tuatara .. bugatti is super slow xD haha

    SlavPlaysGamesSlavPlaysGamesOy oldin
  • Bruh , you can’t just have two cars you gotta waste your money? Smh rich people are just stupid.

    gray pierregray pierreOy oldin
  • Bro, you should make a video with your gf on Bugatti

    Zayn MillerZayn MillerOy oldin
  • merch room

    Tree 70ZTree 70ZOy oldin
  • I wane buy the Rolls-Royce but my mam and dad says no ?

    Gamer-BoyGamer-BoyOy oldin
    • James can u wrap it purple and some White rims ? - strad yes why not right. :D purple is my favorit color

      Gamer-BoyGamer-BoyOy oldin
  • I can't believe you are an avid car nut living in Utah and don't know where to find good fuel (better than 91 octane, for sure!); and yes, it can be found in Salt Lake City. Just talk to the beautiful little (TINY) blonde that owns her own fuel stop! (It's right next to Sapp Bro.'s Truckstop). It's now located on the south side; she used to own a truck stop near downtown SLC by Graphic Arts Pub.

    Richard NogginRichard NogginOy oldin

    Oh GeesyOh GeesyOy oldin
  • i want the packing peants

    umair thasleemumair thasleemOy oldin
  • Ahha

    Rodrigo CristianoRodrigo CristianoOy oldin
  • 4 thousand more likes

    Sky High ParkourSky High ParkourOy oldin
  • rent furniture

    Sri LathaSri LathaOy oldin
  • I want the limo

    Chris SylvesterChris SylvesterOy oldin
  • * *DrumRoll* * The Super Quarters

    Chris SylvesterChris SylvesterOy oldin
  • I think the plate number will be 3BSTR4D or EBSTR4D or EBSTRAD or 3BSTRAD

    liam jay chipongianliam jay chipongianOy oldin
  • The board next to the Ferrari omg hahaha bit closeeee

    DeathAdderDeathAdderOy oldin
  • 12 seconds in and I already hate you

    ZachZachOy oldin

    ickythumptahoe ickythumptahoeickythumptahoe ickythumptahoeOy oldin
  • I would really appreciate it if you left some cocaine for the rest of the people who want some in here so I can roast you cause I’m glad WhistlinDiesel doesn’t like you

    dylan maccallumdylan maccallumOy oldin
  • Wats your name can you tell me

    marta hernandezmarta hernandezOy oldin
  • “Only one person who likes this, one day will be a billionaire” *Good Luck☘️*

    10k subscribers Without VIDEOS10k subscribers Without VIDEOSOy oldin
  • 9:32 yes we are burning

    Russell JohnsonRussell JohnsonOy oldin
  • If you want to know the names of all the songs that TheStradman uses in his vlogs or in his drone shots, refer this video, it's only 4 minutes long, no time waste!

    BreadyBreadyOy oldin
  • love that drone shot 8:08

    B4&After DaMiXB4&After DaMiXOy oldin
  • i find a way and i would move in with all my cars lol #congratulation on the #Headquater

    B4&After DaMiXB4&After DaMiXOy oldin
  • but how much dose the warehouse cost

    matt jonesmatt jonesOy oldin
  • I work in the building right next to the warehouse. Used to be our old shop. Pretty cool seeing all his toys

    Mas WalMas WalOy oldin
  • make the bedrooms car showrooms. btw, I already know what your thinking " how are they gonna get the cars up there" remove some walls and slide the cars in their with a massive forklift. Then put slide able doors for a cool entrance

    Jheremyah WorknehJheremyah WorknehOy oldin
  • Hey love the video so does anyone else also almost only listen to rock music like Metallica/Delta Parole/Oasis when they drive? Whats you guys favourites?

    legendmusiclegendmusicOy oldin
  • Stragcat. Thanks for sharing the inspiring journey

    Paul Carter ArtPaul Carter ArtOy oldin
  • Can I have some peanuts

    Charley CooperCharley CooperOy oldin
  • Man

    Tim GamingTim GamingOy oldin
  • brogatti

    Salty5thSalty5thOy oldin
  • Take apart one of your cars, then put it together in one of you rooms...

    EK673's FlightsEK673's FlightsOy oldin
  • stradgatti

    Carlos Joaquin MancitaCarlos Joaquin MancitaOy oldin
  • U talk to much

    kelson kellonkelson kellonOy oldin

    handican robloxhandican robloxOy oldin
  • Car collection

    Louwille FelixLouwille FelixOy oldin
  • How much for the packing peanuts.

    Trenton OdeenTrenton OdeenOy oldin
  • Make the extra rooms into a studio for editing

    Undead RisjxchcndnnUndead RisjxchcndnnOy oldin
  • What if you live there

    Gsgs BdhdshGsgs BdhdshOy oldin
  • Hey I’ll trade you a 1989 bmw e30 for the limo

    *DLF edits*DLF editsOy oldin
  • Me: breaks in and srarts stealing the packing peanuts

    BerronBerronOy oldin
  • what ferrari is that

    ItsJustSw1ftItsJustSw1ftOy oldin
  • Definitely buy that property. Can't beat the current rate environment and it's NOT a depreciating asset. Smart $$$ always owns RE.

    joshua6458joshua6458Oy oldin
  • Turn the extra rooms into car parking

    Roger 27Roger 27Oy oldin