Revealing my NEW WRAP!

2-Okt, 2020
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For all your paint protection film and window tint needs, check out XPEL:
My Raptor was finished with the XPEL Stealth PPF and the Prime XR Plus Window tint. The finish is amazing and protects the paint from rock chips, bug splatters and other road debris. And it's crazy easy to keep clean.
Go vote on the Bugatti wrap on my instagram @TheStradman

  • Sounds way better brings out the sound of the beast of a car that is is

    Jayy 4KJayy 4K22 kun oldin
  • gg

    Lori FreezeLori Freeze23 kun oldin
  • Hi ! ... I am looking for someone who had an electric vehicle to install one system than eliminate the need to recharger ... This system also make unlimited the autonomy Never charger Always available Don't needs "electricstations" The deal is : I send you the imformation You install it in your car And show it at the people If is there someone interesting ... We both win ... Is Free for you oviously Just answer and we make a deal. Thank you.

    Alonso Ruiz SepúlvedaAlonso Ruiz Sepúlveda26 kun oldin
  • That exhaust is a must, the difference is crazy bro

  • That wrap is just dope, that's all I can say

  • why do u talk soooo fast!

    Andrew BleauAndrew Bleau28 kun oldin
  • What happened to tessa?

    Ben IrvineBen IrvineOy oldin
  • Strad: The window tint is so good A/C: Am I a joke to you?!

    Cohen LindenSmithCohen LindenSmithOy oldin

    Cohen LindenSmithCohen LindenSmithOy oldin
  • No chrome but if u want I like the mate version more

    RAT_ LORDRAT_ LORDOy oldin
  • Get the LFA #7

    Djordje MijovicDjordje MijovicOy oldin
  • The second picture of Mr. Strad man

    ziad mhamadziad mhamadOy oldin
  • The chrome looks tacky, I'd go for matte and satin purple 👌

    T DrannyT DrannyOy oldin
  • He always says "we have" bla bla. The only one who gets the money and the fun he himself.

    Stefan EggerStefan EggerOy oldin
  • Why you always pechooo

    Ruhel ChowdhuryRuhel ChowdhuryOy oldin
  • Why do you didn't like the tesla 😢😥

    omar morenoomar morenoOy oldin
  • I have an idea for the very on, metallic black carbon and royal blue, or vice versa I just don’t want to see that car in purple in any way, James please do not put this in the purple crew.

    Serpent Tracks- Free Intrumental BeatsSerpent Tracks- Free Intrumental BeatsOy oldin
  • buy a 2020 trd pro camry straight pipe it and purple wrap it

    Christian ArmstrongChristian ArmstrongOy oldin
  • That car looks so mean

    Sannan RebelloSannan RebelloOy oldin
  • matte chrome

    D A B S K ID A B S K IOy oldin
  • NONE wrap.. it is so disrespectful.. let it be please

    Lukas NusLukas NusOy oldin
  • Get a rolls Royce phantom

    Sun FnSun FnOy oldin
  • No purple on BugattiThe Chrome makes it look so bad

    Matthew CasaleMatthew CasaleOy oldin
  • Damn

    Matthew CasaleMatthew CasaleOy oldin
  • Ewwww a ford it breaks so easyly

    Wian CarstensWian CarstensOy oldin
    • If you think so too like it😁buy a toyota it is the best cars you get it will never let you down toyota

      Wian CarstensWian CarstensOy oldin
  • Chrome n purple are such a shit combo like if u agreee

    Mohammad ZamanMohammad ZamanOy oldin
  • What tint % is that?

    John DJohn DOy oldin
  • Great to see my 2 fave UZworldrs together!

    24chataway24chatawayOy oldin
  • Can’t wait to copy his wrap on my car

    Screwyour 10%offScrewyour 10%offOy oldin
  • There's only 999k views we need 1m views

    Jee VaJee VaOy oldin
  • More like trashman

    Mike OiizMike OiizOy oldin
  • He bought a Veyron so he got break it. JK UR AND AMAZING PERSON. Tell me if I should delete this comment

    SV MusicianSV MusicianOy oldin
  • Ok, ok..... but why purple

    Outdoor AdventuresOutdoor AdventuresOy oldin
  • James you are my idle

    Epic master parkerEpic master parkerOy oldin
  • I thought it would be purple with white stripes! But white is my color.

    Jarod McMichaelJarod McMichaelOy oldin
  • black chrome

    DaddyFourDaddyFourOy oldin
  • anyone else miss the forg gt =(

    Jackson Joshua GeigerJackson Joshua GeigerOy oldin
  • You should definitely do the headlights it would make it look a lot better

    Javier CanoJavier CanoOy oldin
  • Purple wheels?

    nœ ñœnœ ñœOy oldin
  • Them talking about how much veyrons they have... Meanwhile Manny Khoshbin literally owns the same amount himself

    Alex IbarraAlex IbarraOy oldin
  • Please no more purple please

    C32usedC32usedOy oldin
  • *Yahshua The Messiah Saves.*

    Red ShiftRed ShiftOy oldin
  • Black chrome looks kinda better than other two

    Lord _Lord _Oy oldin
  • Sorry it’s just a ugly car.

    tjlift22tjlift22Oy oldin
  • The wraps you picked for the bugatti are all ugly but that's just my opinion

    Not Your Average Fish Keeper.Not Your Average Fish Keeper.Oy oldin
  • Me: upset about paying 400 dollars for LED headlights for my car Stradman: Here are these 25000 dollar headlights

    Conor SmythConor SmythOy oldin
  • Raptor looks amazing

    Djordje MilosevicDjordje MilosevicOy oldin
  • If you want to know the names of all the songs that TheStradman uses in his vlogs or in his drone shots, refer this video, it's only 4 minutes long, no time waste!

    BreadyBreadyOy oldin
  • You’re just killing the color purple.

    CRU LoveCRU LoveOy oldin
  • Get a Nissan Skyline r34 jdm car.

    Matthew MarkowskiMatthew MarkowskiOy oldin
  • replace the chrome with black carbon fibre!!

    MitchCMitchCOy oldin
  • I for one like the black chrome

    Blue is the imposterBlue is the imposterOy oldin
  • Purple is gay

    The Russian BearThe Russian BearOy oldin
  • I have a idea for your Bugatti oem wheels.. the silver or aluminum polished finish have it wrapped in purple but leave the black! that simple

    Ricardo MoralesRicardo MoralesOy oldin
  • that was a rocket take off! lol

    Ricardo MoralesRicardo MoralesOy oldin
  • Change the chrome to black and them make some purple with white outline rims

    Tew Lit StudioTew Lit StudioOy oldin
  • I think the, "feud" between you and Whistling Diesel is pretty funny.

    GoodballaGoodballaOy oldin
  • lol james id driving a corolla

    SkyActive SolutionsSkyActive SolutionsOy oldin
  • He talks to fast

    Azfar JunaibAzfar JunaibOy oldin
  • I preferred the red shelby. Looked a lot better. White is so bland.

    Paul BITPaul BITOy oldin
  • Shelby Baja raptor: who are you Jeep gladiator:I'm you but stronger

  • Nice commercial. Pass

    tonymayo1973tonymayo1973Oy oldin
  • Tesla said the Tesla roadster next GEN is going to come out in late 2020 or early 2021

    Phillip McCallaPhillip McCallaOy oldin
  • Hey I’m the bug update video u said u want it to run it somewhere why don’t u do it there?

    Ari GonzalezAri GonzalezOy oldin
  • make more

    leanna kleanna kOy oldin
  • i love your vids and your

    leanna kleanna kOy oldin

    leanna kleanna kOy oldin
  • and i subscribed

    leanna kleanna kOy oldin
  • make your lambo louder

    leanna kleanna kOy oldin
  • You really should look into doing some videos in the valley of fire if you were out in and out of Vegas it’s on the way ;) .. I just moved to southern Utah and can’t wait to get my cars over there for some photos!

    Voy_SpeedVoy_SpeedOy oldin
  • Standard Chrome !!!

    TheMexTeamTheMexTeamOy oldin
  • No chrome but the purple looks fine

    Apple News NetworkApple News NetworkOy oldin
  • The Raptor is the only purple/white combo I’ve liked so far.

    gcm747gcm747Oy oldin
  • That's what the GT should've looked like!

    J ChaseJ ChaseOy oldin
  • Omg

    Daniel HunterDaniel HunterOy oldin
  • Stradmans Famous Words, "I Think We Need It"

    Jared OliverJared OliverOy oldin
  • You should wrap the rims white with a little purple in it

    Jacob LeeJacob LeeOy oldin
  • so.... a.. Wrapter then...

    William MckayWilliam MckayOy oldin
  • Lol

  • Black chrome on the veyron wheels too

    Tean BowensTean BowensOy oldin
  • 2

    Josh SmithJosh SmithOy oldin
  • They must've paid you to go here😂 this shop does a crap job if you're just a regular person

    M teaM teaOy oldin
  • I thought it was going to be all purple

    Matthew JonesMatthew JonesOy oldin
  • # sponsored

  • Get white rims on raptor

    Richard EscamillaRichard EscamillaOy oldin
  • Why the silly transition noises, so childlike

    Mr BennettMr BennettOy oldin
  • Anyone else having a stroke watching houston shifting gears 😂

    arbnor bushiarbnor bushiOy oldin

    10,000 subs with no videos10,000 subs with no videosOy oldin
  • Time to race the two bugs 👀

    Detroit 1320Detroit 1320Oy oldin
  • Hi big fan

    APRIT ßasnetAPRIT ßasnetOy oldin
  • I swear to god if you get other car purple 😴

    Rashid DeweesRashid DeweesOy oldin
  • Skyooh

    Tw1tch YT4411Tw1tch YT4411Oy oldin
  • From sleeping in a Audi to a fucking Bugatti Veyron u deserve everything bro never give up

    miamimomiamimoOy oldin
  • So you are not getting the tesla cyber truck

    CoolIMCoolIMOy oldin
  • why wasn't it wrapped by clayton and faith?

    BenBenOy oldin
  • I'd do black chrome.

    ChristopherChristopherOy oldin

    YTYTOy oldin
  • I think he should do a metallic black carbon on the places where chrome is and a dark purple honestly would be so nice that way he still gets that purple but also switches things up a little bit idea from @EndingGamertag

    Jackson NormanJackson NormanOy oldin
  • I thought the title sais *WAP*

    EliteDz # ChanelleEliteDz # ChanelleOy oldin
  • The buggati wraps look awful ! Pls dont ruin the car.

    Faith LessFaith LessOy oldin