The Biggest C8 Corvette and Gladiator 6x6 UPDATES!!

18-Fev, 2020
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  • The countache I would take because its old, high performance, qualities good and it would pretty cool to drive around.

    MarshmellowMarshmellow14 kun oldin
  • gt 40

    Carlos Mata EspinozaCarlos Mata Espinoza20 kun oldin
  • If he comes to Utah you need to ski behind the aventador

    William PagettWilliam Pagett20 kun oldin
  • there's a purple wrangler in front of you

    Jared JacintoJared Jacinto21 kun oldin
  • In the entire collection it would be the 1st gen gated orange gallardo

    Bryan PaceBryan Pace3 oy oldin
  • the ford gt mk 2 1967 version is enough for a teen to drive or somehow ur gf lel if u are a rich teen go buy it for your first car to evade one of your parents driving it for u

    the toaster소소소소로소소소소소소the toaster소소소소로소소소소소소3 oy oldin
  • Ford GT

    Yoges KeishavYoges Keishav4 oy oldin
  • His body moves as he talks, the whole time.

    DuanoPlaysDuanoPlays4 oy oldin
  • I would love a cuntash just cause it’s so retro I love the look

    Steamier Atom33Steamier Atom335 oy oldin
  • I’m taking the MK2 gt40 because it’s my dream car!

    Drew BattDrew Batt5 oy oldin
  • Dodge is fast

    Mary sheltonMary shelton7 oy oldin
  • MK 2 GT40, the most beautiful car ever built. Except for maybe the wrapped Lambo but.... definitely the superformance Gt40’s

    Atlas HiltonAtlas Hilton7 oy oldin
  • So cool that you came to Wichita. I see a few of these cars on almost a daily basis. I know you came for “business” but if you come back you should consider a meet and greet. My son would be pretty excited to shake your hand! 🤙🏼

    Steve ThompsonSteve Thompson7 oy oldin
  • The fox body mustang

    Blaise KrasnodemskiBlaise Krasnodemski7 oy oldin
  • The black gt America rules and carol shelby rules

    zachary steinbergzachary steinberg7 oy oldin
  • I think there is a guy in my town of Douglass KS who owns a TON of cars. I don't know though. I'm pretty sure from rumors.

    Alexander WilliamsAlexander Williams8 oy oldin
  • Don’t get a Viper the are so rough on the road

    Trevor DresslerTrevor Dressler8 oy oldin
  • How can you not talk about that mint typhoon!!

    Roy's Toys PowersportsRoy's Toys Powersports8 oy oldin
  • That Porsche 911 I think it looks slick it’s speedy and it’s roomy!! That is a dram cat for me

    Ryder BandaRyder Banda8 oy oldin
  • I like the Porsche gt3 rs because it looked good

    ginroah larren galilaginroah larren galila8 oy oldin
  • please stop using those "punch" sound effects

    ArezArez8 oy oldin
  • You should do a calab with Brian Shaw

    Gabriel ValenciaGabriel Valencia8 oy oldin
  • Your c8 must look like tj's c8

    Lee LeeLee Lee8 oy oldin
  • Tj hunt just got the c8 corvette before you did he is the first UZworldr to get the new 2020 c8 corvette

  • How stuuuupid are people? Stradman is so obviously gay. Burkacker gives it to Strad in da butt.

    John WardJohn Ward8 oy oldin
  • The 65 fastback because it’s my dream car

    Kelvin OKelvin O8 oy oldin
  • The gt 40 you rode in because I am a huge Ford fan

    D DogD Dog8 oy oldin
  • My birthday is today ! (The 18th ). It passed . 😂 lol

    Mr.BigBrainMr.BigBrain8 oy oldin

    0319matthew Han0319matthew Han8 oy oldin
  • That orange ford mustang in the back corner is my dream daily driver

    Brandon BollenbachBrandon Bollenbach8 oy oldin
  • Galldo because it look good

    Kerry DraperKerry Draper8 oy oldin
  • Who’s ford’s pickupis sitting behind the Jeep

    obs_ Communityobs_ Community9 oy oldin
  • I would like to have the gt40 or the red Saleen new edge in the back

    obs_ Communityobs_ Community9 oy oldin
  • the only car i'd get in there is the sti outside. can't afford insurance on a supercar haha

    Rusty JuniorRusty Junior9 oy oldin
  • What do you think about the new McLaren 765LT?

    Hunt3rHunt3r9 oy oldin
  • Why are there only 7 comments

    Hunt3rHunt3r9 oy oldin
  • So we not going to talk about the pink kid jeep in the video.

    MsArtemis01MsArtemis019 oy oldin
  • FORD GT 40 MK 2

    Vado of LegendVado of Legend9 oy oldin
  • I would get the gut because it is one of my favorite cars

    Breanne JohnsonBreanne Johnson9 oy oldin
  • 830k views 5 comments Stradman's fan is drunk

    Gelo LeloGelo Lelo9 oy oldin
    • It's still like this even tho the video is a week old wtffff

      Hunt3rHunt3r9 oy oldin
    • Ikr

      Hunt3rHunt3r9 oy oldin
  • ;)

    HenkeEdgeHenkeEdge9 oy oldin
  • Stradman: grabs spirit of ecstasy....talks to friend...continues grabbing spirit of ecstasy

    Evan FullerEvan Fuller9 oy oldin
  • “Oh here we go, Into the hoopdy”

    Evan FullerEvan Fuller9 oy oldin
  • I would take the viper. It’s some classic American POWA

    Carmela WynnCarmela Wynn9 oy oldin
  • New 2018 ford gt because it is a true record breaking car

    Tanner OlsonTanner Olson9 oy oldin
  • It's brittish the gt40 that's why it's right handrive

    shaun 27shaun 279 oy oldin
  • 8:21 someone please tell me the name of that white car that looks like coment retro coustom from gta

    low driplow drip9 oy oldin
  • The DeLorean because I've never ever seen one in person and I'd give it to my dad because it is his dream car. Or I'd take the white widebody Porsche. Couldn't decide.

    Malachi PollockMalachi Pollock9 oy oldin
  • What is your opinion on the 1971 GTO

    Thomas KThomas K9 oy oldin
  • A viper for grand tourismo 1

    Ant ManAnt Man9 oy oldin
  • I will also take the lamborghini

    Human BeingHuman Being9 oy oldin
  • I would would want the 917 Porsche. So sick

    Adam PearsonAdam Pearson9 oy oldin
  • Whos here before 1mil views?

    Karlo IvančićKarlo Ivančić9 oy oldin
  • Wait is that Hoovies garage?? Who's collection was that???

    Chris SchaubChris Schaub9 oy oldin
  • Think I caught a widebody Porsche at one point that looked incredible and it was a classic, so for those reasons, I would go with that!

    Alan KlosinskiAlan Klosinski9 oy oldin
  • In India we have steerings on the right side only....

    Biswajit BhuniaBiswajit Bhunia9 oy oldin
  • Holy smokes, what a collection :o EDIT: If I can have 1 car from the collection it would be one of the '70-'80 Porsche 911's. One of my all-time favourite cars, and I wish more than anything to get to own one some day. An old 911, a 2018 Mustang GT, a 2020 Ford GT, and a Porsche 918 Spyder are my dream cars.

    Octane Street - Apprentice MechanicOctane Street - Apprentice Mechanic9 oy oldin

    nathan jaenathan jae9 oy oldin
  • The orange Gallardo

    RIP JASEHRIP JASEH9 oy oldin
  • dope car collection, come check the page out for fresh new ontent... #NewToUZworld

    Gold MillsGold Mills9 oy oldin
  • The black GT40 is a beast! Le Mans Winner

    TeamEnder[HD]TeamEnder[HD]9 oy oldin
  • Gt40 it’s an inspiration to me

    king alyking aly9 oy oldin
  • New fordgt bc it is fast

    Orbit RaiderOrbit Raider9 oy oldin
  • Shelby cobra cause Shelby was a cool guy

    Mitchell PeoplesMitchell Peoples9 oy oldin
  • James just lowered the value of that mk2 exponentially

    Mitchell PeoplesMitchell Peoples9 oy oldin
  • That 1969 Mach 1 mustang. I’ve seen it in person it’s a bad ass car.

    Tanner O'NeillTanner O'Neill9 oy oldin
  • I’ve seen the gt that u drove. It’s pretty sick

    Tanner O'NeillTanner O'Neill9 oy oldin
  • Who else got an ad right before the cold startup

    Griffin PettiGriffin Petti9 oy oldin
  • Rolls Royce cause class and comfort and wine

    gocoogs01gocoogs019 oy oldin
  • Porsche 917 because it's one of my favorite Porsches of all time

    foxy gamerfoxy gamer9 oy oldin
  • Bro what. Where is this dude at. I’m in Wichita.

    Eric ByrdEric Byrd9 oy oldin
  • 1965 Shelby cobra 427

    TJTJ9 oy oldin
  • That cobra is my Dream car

    TJTJ9 oy oldin
  • Gt 40 mark II

    Dalton StanleyDalton Stanley9 oy oldin
  • What color is your C8?

    Kyle DetersKyle Deters9 oy oldin
  • CLK63 Black Series is the coolest car in that garage

    HALDgamer 00HALDgamer 009 oy oldin
  • dude I will have the dodge viper cause that car is my dream car no joke

    Anthony CiesielskiAnthony Ciesielski9 oy oldin
  • yay sorry I'm late

    DexxDexx9 oy oldin
  • Sub to me for are alive

    INDClashINDClash9 oy oldin
  • I would take the garage.

    Dhawk GamingDhawk Gaming9 oy oldin
  • Westen champlin lives there and you didnt stop and say hi wth lol

    Cody AtkinsCody Atkins9 oy oldin
  • Gallardo

    Qwerty WhisperQwerty Whisper9 oy oldin
  • The Shelby mustang I would take that

    Gage Holt gamezGage Holt gamez9 oy oldin
  • and maybe half bed rack like goonzsquad

    Eric ChamberrsEric Chamberrs9 oy oldin
  • And carroll shelby in 2020

    Itz_VenomYT02Itz_VenomYT029 oy oldin
  • Ken miles in 2020

    Itz_VenomYT02Itz_VenomYT029 oy oldin
  • i would go with the GTS

    Murph dogMurph dog9 oy oldin
  • I find his videos entertaining but legit can’t watch for more than a couple of minutes. The nausea is real

    Garage BeersGarage Beers9 oy oldin
  • I have been waiting for this collaboration! My life is complete now

    Chris SmithChris Smith9 oy oldin
  • Love da c8 do she looking fresh LOL

    William CoomesWilliam Coomes9 oy oldin
  • Old white Porsche so I can turn it into a ruah welt

    The MVPThe MVP9 oy oldin
  • You should check out Forza Rison for it is pretty funny you can get all kinds of cars and it is really fun

    Marie ChristineMarie Christine9 oy oldin
  • I would take the Super performance Ford GT Gulf

    Kim WhittonKim Whitton9 oy oldin
  • I'm gonna guess nick bought a hummer ,,,

    jayed bin nafizjayed bin nafiz9 oy oldin
  • I live right down the street lol.

    milesgtimilesgti9 oy oldin
  • The Gulf livery GT40

  • The old ford mustang

    Aayden KeirnsAayden Keirns9 oy oldin
  • Countach

    Rajarao NaiduRajarao Naidu9 oy oldin
  • I would take the 2018 Ford gt out of that collection on the spot

    Micah PaulMicah Paul9 oy oldin
  • shelby cobra hands down its so expensive i want it now LoL

    J HeesenJ Heesen9 oy oldin